Introducing Playerone’s Metaverse

Playerone introduces extremely intricate levels of customization which you can sell to other users. This allows players to make 3D pixel characters to look like themselves, Bill Gates or your loved ones. These characters can then be used in PlayerOne Sandbox game! You are not only able to create your own characters, you are also able to create objects and build a structure for others to visit.

Their Mystery Box sale for whitelisted users just got their boxes on 14th January. A total of 171 items in different rarities can be obtained, which include Body/Hair/Clothing/Shoes/Accessories/Actions.

🔸VoxelRole Mystery Box 1 (1 part): 20 BUSD
🔸VoxelRole Mystery Box 2 (3 parts): 60 BUSD
🔸VoxelRole Mystery Box 3 (6 parts): 120 BUSD
🔸VoxelRole Mystery Box 4 (9 parts): 180 BUSD

The probability of obtaining a certain rarity is different for each part and can be seen here.

The reason why we put out the price is because we find that this is very reasonably priced for parts with a chance of a high rarity. The whitelist is already over, but there could be in a public sale in the near future.

One of the most satisfying things about playing a game is the ability to design your own character, and Playerone made it extremely easy to create/mint your own NFTs based on the parts you have. What is more exciting is that you are able to transport these characters within the Metaverse for use in other games as PlayerOne is constructing a world with an open metaverse. Within the metaverse, you can also capture a special pet to follow, train and fight along with. They DO HAVE both PVE and PVP.

Playerone Role Editor

We want to let you know how customizable the entire Playerone’s system is by showcasing the 4 major editors, and it is strongly recommended to read them as linked below. Remember, your creation can always be sold to others, by per-part, or per-character.
🔹Role Editor
🔹Space Editor
🔹Voxel Editor
🔹Game Editor

Playerone Voxel Editor

Now, what we find most interesting is the Game Editor. You are not required to have any coding knowledge to be able to create complicated 3D game within the Playerone Platform. Please just go take a look at an example of the flow in the Game Editor section of their Whitepaper (It is a picture). With these pseudo-logic, there are more different flows and actions you can create than the number of stars in our universe. You see how huge this is going to go.

Playerone Game Editor

Now let us introduce you to the Playerone’s metaverse, which they called Mainland. Did you remember we mention that you can create a 3D game within the platform? Anyone of you can be a game designer and if you wishes to “Go Pro”, you can buy a land parcel just to create your own assets, structures or import other digital materials! The metaverse even simulates the real world including day/night cycles every 20 minutes, weather and real lighting!

Playerone’s Land Parcels

Playerone is built on Binance Smart Chain, with $POT as their native token.

What to look out for next:
🔹Character Mystery Box
🔹Land Mystery Box
🔹Stake Mining

The overall concept of Playerone is the level of customization in the metaverse.

Just FYI: One part/character can contain X amount of pixels, depending on the size. In Playerone, every single pixel (pixel location, pixel color etc) can be customized. If the team manages to pull this concept off, we forsee this is going to be huge. The team already have working products that are not publicly released yet as they are wants to ensure everything is working as intended before release.

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